rhemathon 2022


speak life

to the hunter

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We have raised



Of the funds needed to keep Rhema 99.7 speaking life to Newcastle and beyond.


“A word of hope, friendship, encouragement or truth spoken at just the right time can change the course of someone’s life. The words we speak can quite literally, bring Life”.

– CEO, Ben Kiujian 

What is Rhemathon?

Rhemathon is Rhema’s annual fundraiser. It officially begins on Tuesday June 14th and goes till Sunday 19th. 

Our goal is $595,000!

This money will ensure that Rhema 99.7 can continue to Speak Life to the Hunter & beyond! 

“Thank you for giving generously. And thank you for praying with us that many others will also respond. Together, may God use our partnership to transform many lives, by connecting them to the life-giving words of Jesus as we Speak Life to the Hunter and beyond…”

Rhemathon 2022 Speak Life 1


“Thank you for your inspirational messages, music, joy and fun that lights up and brightens even the darkest day. Bless each one of the Rhema team on and off the air!”


“We love being able to turn on the radio and know it’s a clean family friendly radio station. Encouraging, positive and always on in the car.”


“I love listening to Rhema every day. The music as well as the encouraging devotions means a lot. During Covid when a lot of us felt isolated and life seemed challenging I relied on the comfort and encouraging words which reinforced God is in control despite how bleak things were.”

Hear from our listeners, as they speak about the impact that Rhema has in their lives.




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