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About the book (description taken from Koorong’s website)

The stunning photographs reveal diverse aspects of nature – God’s ‘first’ book. Of the book’s 44 photographs, 34 are accompanied by a brief background with, where appropriate, relevant scientific detail and also a reflection inspired by the image. In writing these reflections, the authors, also both Bible college graduates who have served in full time ministry in Australia and overseas, have drawn from various parts of the Bible – God’s ‘second’ book – to consider not only what has been recorded about nature-creation, but also what has been written about its Creator, humanity, and our role and responsibilities.

The reflections address such questions as:

  • Is the order, precision, interconnectedness, and beauty in nature merely random and co-incidental?
  • What is the purpose of nature-creation?
  • What does science reveal about nature?
  • What parables and metaphors for life can be ‘read’ from nature?
  • What do natural disasters and death and decay – parts of nature that cannot be ignored – mean?
  • How should we respond to nature? What is the added perspective of Christians on creation care?

The photographs and reflections can be used as a daily source of inspiration to guide devotion, prayer and meditation. For Christians, this book provides valuable insights and challenges. It is also a delightful source of information and wisdom for people who love nature and recognize how significant it is.

This book would be a great gift for such people as well as those with whom you would simply like to share something of the sheer beauty and diversity of the predominantly Australian landscape.

You can purchase this book at:

  • Koorong
  • Piggott’s Pharmacy
  • The Grainery church
  • Dymocks, Charlestown Square