Amanda had a mental breakdown and lost all grasps of reality. 

I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know that I was married and the people around me were just strangers – it was really frightening. The things that I saw at the hospital were those things that you’d only see at the movies… but I lived it. It was the most frightening place I’ve ever been, but it’s where I met Jesus.

How Rhema helped my husband through my mental breakdown 1


I woke up one morning and It was about 3 am. All of a sudden I felt myself coming out of my body. I could see myself looking down at my body and then I went into blackness. I kept pleading & wondering what was going on. I wasn’t finished yet. Was this the end? I begged for my life like I’ve never begged before. Ever.

Then this peaceful feeling came over me…. this comfort and reassurance saying that “I’m here” and that “It’s okay”.  I woke up and I came out of my bed gasping for the last breath I thought I had taken. I was just sobbing and sobbing on my bed, I couldn’t believe that I was still alive. I thought that was the end.

From then on, it was like I was connected to something that was euphoric. I saw people with compassion and love. I still didn’t know who I was, but I had this peaceful feeling of love. There was so much love in my life.

I didn’t realise who the man was who stayed with me, and I asked the Nurses who this guy was. They told me that we were married. To lose grips of reality – you can’t actually explain it.

After I spoke to the Nurses that same night I asked him to get this spare ring I had. He didn’t know why I wanted it, but got it anyway. I asked him to marry me, even though we were married! I had literally lost all memory. After that when he hopped in the car  to go home, he turned the radio onto Rhema FM and it was talking about the significance of wedding rings. He went white and almost swerved off the road. He knew that it was uncanny. I didn’t know that this had happened for a long time after.

From that moment on my husband listened to Rhema every day, and it was the only thing that got him through the crazy time. We had no family support and we were financially ruined. He’d put the kids to bed sometimes and cry, feeling segregated, and Rhema was a comfort to him.

After I got out of hospital we both eventually found God, a church and got baptised.


How Rhema helped my husband through my mental breakdown 2

One year ago, I had this really weird dream, and Rhema was in the dream. It really stood out to me. Why would I be dreaming of Rhema? I turned the radio on that morning and realised that Rhemathon was on. Then I heard all of these people giving their testimonies – I thought that was pretty cool, but went on with my day. I was driving home after getting groceries and I remember specifically where I was. God said to me that when I got home I needed to put the kids in the car and go to the radio station.


 “Why do you want me to go there? What for?”

It wasn’t until I was getting closer that I knew what I needed to say.

All I had to give them was my story, and I told them about how much Rhema meant to my Husband when I had my mental breakdown and how it got him through my time in hospital when I couldn’t remember who I was.  I thanked Rhema for everything they had done and for the hope and encouragement they gave my Husband.



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