The Artist Spotlight featuring 'North Point Inside Out' 1

Who is North Point Inside Out?

North Point is a church in Atlanta Georgia. We are actually in the process of changing it over to “North Point Worship”. We have so many talented gifted and talented musicians in our team and that’s how this all came about. I have travelled and played for Chris Tomlin, and so many of our musicians have toured and played for other artists over the years. At our home church we feel the need to reach out to people in and through worship. Our team goes out to other churches to play but we try to get back to our own church on Sundays as much as we can.

Tell us about ‘Death Was Arrested’

The song ‘Death Was Arrested’ was like a gift that God gave to us. Our drummer Brandon is one of my best friends and we grew up in the same little town in Georgia, south of Atlanta. Brandon said to me one time, “Man, people think that worship songs are written with like Bibles and candles and holiness”. But it was actually when Brandon was walking through a graveyard that he saw this headstone saying, “Here lies what was mortal of Samuel Burg, in search of help in 1842 death arrested his progress”. 

Brandon took a picture of the headstone and it was later in the year when we were doing worship at a summer camp and were messing around with some songs, that he pulled out that picture again.  As we looked at this picture and read the headstone we realised that Jesus arrested death for us, and we are going to live forever.