The Artist Spotlight with - 'Planet Shakers' 1

Aaron: We are talking with Joth Hunt and Samantha Evans from Planetshakers! So how long has Planetshakers been around now? 

Sam: We have been around for almost 25 years now.

Aaron: When Planetshakers started could you believe Planetshakers would grow to how it is now? 

Sam: No way we were just this group of people who loved Jesus from Adelaide, who’s heard of Adelaide, nobody. We were just blown away how God started to take this sound around the world to play and it’s just crazy, God’s amazing! 

Aaron: So we have heard your music but what is happening in the life of your church over the last twelve months? We obviously get to hear your music but what else has been happening?

Joth: Well for those that don’t know we’ve got a lot of campus’s now. We have 5 campus’s in Melbourne Australia we also started a campus in Texas, Singapore

one in Geneva Switerland and Capetown Africa so the church is really expanding we have been experiencing amazing growth. As a church we are always producing new music, probably playing a new song every second week.

Aaron: We are always excited to talk about new music and you have a new album out called ‘Rain’. Is there a particular theme to this album or is it just a reflection to the songs coming out of the church for the last 12 months?  

Joth: The theme of our conference this year was ‘Rain’ so we started to seek the Lord to write songs about that and some of the other songs are just great worship songs. 

Sam: We really wanted people to have that supernatural encounter with God. Some of the songs even came out of personal experiences. Josh had an incredible experience at the beginning of the year. 

Joth: Yes, I was diagnosed with cancer which is pretty crazy. Never saw it coming, never had it in my family. It wasn’t a great way to start the year, you can check out the whole story on Planetshakers TV but the great news is, I’m completely cancer free today. God has done an amazing work in my life and some amazing songs have come out of that season of my life which are on this ‘Rain’ album.

Aaron: It seems to me that some of the best praise and worship comes from people’s personal journeys and encountering God in a different way. Is that what you guys find, that you find your best songs come from hard places?

Joth: Of course, when you’re walking through it there’s a realness to it. It’s exactly what David did in the Psalms, he was going through some tough situations and he just poured out his heart to God.

A big thank you to the guys from Planetshakers for taking time to catch up with us! We pray God continues to bless your music!