Artist Spotlight with 'Henry Seeley' Part 2 1

We chatted to Henry Seeley about The Belonging Co & his new music!

It was an eventful journey. We were selected in the green card lottery and so we knew that that part of the journey would be the open door for us. We really prayed and ask God “what are we going to do once we get there”? It was one of those moments where He so clearly said to us “I can’t show you, you’ve just got to go before you can know”. And I was not really happy about that.

I had quite a few conversations with God saying “You need to be more specific. You need to show us what we’re going to do”. I felt that He was very additment in saying you have to trust Me with this. We had no plans to pastor a church, in fact, I’d spent 20 years on staff at church, loved that. But really thought that my next season was going to look completely different. I had never even contemplated pastoring a church to be honest. I didn’t see myself a typical pastor.

We sold almost everything we owned. And put my studio gear in a shipping container and we moved to Nashville with just a few suitcases. So I just set up shop in the basement of the house that we were renting when we moved here. Started mixing records for people and in the first 6 or 12 months we were here. Here in Nashville there’s obviously a lot of creators, a lot of people involved in the Christian music world, not just artists, but band players and

production guys and all that sort of stuff. For a lot of these people there gone almost every weekend through the year. They might leave town on a Wednesday or Thursday. They travel through the weekend and they get back maybe late Sunday night or on a Monday. A lot of these people are really pouring out but didn’t have a local church community to pour back into them because most of the churches here in Nashville meet on a Sunday morning.

It was a little disconcerting for Alex and I because we began to meet scores and scores of people that just had no local church community and really felt isolated and disconnected. The more we began to see that the more we just started praying into that and just saying God somebody needs to do something about that and He said “Yes, welcome to Nashville”. I was like no somebody else needs to do that, that’s not my call. I’m just going to mix records for people and make music. But it just became really evident that there were a lot of people that just needed something.

Artist Spotlight with 'Henry Seeley' Part 2 2

I think for Alex and I, having been in staff for so long and had so much poured into our lives, it was an easy opportunity for us to just begin to pour back into people, that would come into our home. Really just hungry for more of God and hungry for community and hungry to just have that input. 10 months after we moved here, we decided just to open up our home on a Tuesday night, just to a few friends.

This whole time we were looking for a church. We were going to a different church almost every weekend, trying to find a church. There are some amazing churches here in Nashville, but we would get to the end of the service and really feel God so strongly say “This is not it”. After 20 or 30 churches, that was very demoralising for us. We’re local church people and so we were like “God we just want to plug into somewhere and go for it”.

As we began to open up our home on a Tuesday night, word just began to spread. We never really had invited anyone, except for the first handful of people that came on that first Tuesday night. But people started encountering God in our home and they would go and share that with their friends and they would invite their friends and then their friends would invite their friends.

Within a year we had 120, 130 people coming every Tuesday night in our basement. It was around that point that we realised that this was a church and whether we wanted to deny it or not God was doing something and so we wanted to get on board with that. That really was the story of how our church was birthed.

We didn’t have any backing, we didn’t have any support, we didn’t have a grand master plan of how this was going to plan out. We simply just saw people that had a need and we just figured out a way to hopefully do our best to serve them.

A special thanks to Henry for taking the time to chat with us. God bless!