Austin French opens up about his childhood on 'The Artist Spotlight' 1

His abusive childhood made him push God away until music brought him back

I was a young guy forced into growing up too soon. I grew up in a broken home but in a sense found Jesus in it. I fell in love with broken people and wanted to write music for broken people. I got an early start to life growing a family and having kids and somewhat of a career, I am 25 now so doing things a little earlier than most people do. I love telling people about Jesus and getting to do that through my music. I got saved in 8th grade and I realised I was surrounded by broken people like me. 

Music had always been a communication tool for me, then I realised I could put my own words into it and share what I was passionate about. In 8th grade I realised I wanted to start writing music for broken people to help them find out who Jesus was.

You know, I tell people all the time that I hated Christians. I didn’t want to be one because my dad was a worship pastor and my mum was a music teacher. We were at church every single time the doors opened and we were the perfect family on the front row on Sunday morning but at home the mask would come off and my dad would be abusive.

So I grew up in a situation where I was super fearful  about everything. I didn’t want to be a godly man because the godly man I had an example of, beat his wife and kids and didn’t live what was preached on Sundays, so why would I ever want to be like that. Then my parents got a divorce when I was an eight year old boy and we got kicked out of the church we were going to. I had been kicked out by Christians and hurt by Christians, why would I ever want to be one.

Then it was in eighth grade I went to a music camp to learn how to play guitar. At the music camp a guy went onto stage and he said something that would change my life forever, he said  ‘don’t judge Jesus on the broken people he came to save because broken people hurt broken people but jesus wants broken people’. I had never heard that before and I never realised that before and I found out that I judged Jesus, I judged Christianity on the people that were really broken around me. I never met Jesus in people, I only met people who claimed to follow him and that wasn’t a fair representation of him at all.

That was the moment I  decided to give my heart to Jesus and I decided that I was  was going to write music for broken people like me to find out that truth about who Jesus really was.