We sent Ellyse Brooks to go and review ‘the tale as old as time’, the much anticipated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This plot follows the original storyline of the 1991 Disney animated classic, based in France following the life of Belle. After her dear Father goes missing, Belle searches for him and finds him trapped in a mystical castle, and offers herself as prisoner to save his life. Join her journey as she falls in love with the castle she now calls home, and watch as she discover that there’s more to appearances than meet the eye.


Family friendly filter:

  • This film goes for 2 hours and 19 minutes, which means that younger attention spans may not keep up.
  • The Beast could be considered as frightening at first by younger children
  • There are a few scenes with wolves in the forest which could be perceived as frightening
  • There has been controversy over an insinuated gay character in this film. We encourage you to listen to our comments from the Review and do your own research when you decide if you think this film is appropriate for children.