As we come to the silly season we can become overwhelmed, or a little stressed at the increase in needs from customers (if you’re in an industry which thrives on seasonal trade). Perhaps you’re a little stressed in the rush to get everything done before you “close”, or take a break over Christmas.

It’s also a time when we can take our people for granted, even though we want the best for them.

So to make things go a little more smoothly, here are some suggestions to help you have an amazing December with your people!

Business, Christmas, & Keeping your Sanity 1

1. Take Time to Celebrate

Look for those small moments in your day to praise someone for a specific thing they did well. You’ll be amazed at the positive impact this will have with your people, plus when you look for ways to be thankful you’ll start feeling more positive yourself.

2.Go the Extra Mile

If you want your people to be customer service superstars, it starts with you! What are the little things you can do for your people to make them feel valued during the seasonal stresses? Can you grab them a coffee? Send them home 20 mins early (ok so we can’t all do that!)? Maybe do a task for one of your people so they can have a little longer at lunch. You’ll find over time your people will start to reciprocate and help take the workload off you too.

3. Start Your Day by Stopping to Pray

When you arrive at the office turn off the ignition, sit for a moment in your car, and seek God on how you can best serve your team. This might feel like just one more thing to do in your already-short-of-time-day. However, there can be ‘a peace’ experienced when you put your plans before God.

Business, Christmas, & Keeping your Sanity 2

These three ways to stay sane over Christmas can appear counter intuitive, but I’ve seen some of the most amazing, successful, relaxed business leaders have a servant heart. When they are asked about their success, they say it always comes back to their focus on great relationships with their people.

Take a moment now. Yes. Right Now! Ask God what you can do today to make your team feel valued.

Geoff Snowden – Business Development Manager