Catching Up With Jordan Worner On 'The Artist Spotlight' 1

Aaron Brown caught up with Aussie artist Jordan Worner to talk about some of his new single.

Aaron: Dust, can you tell us a bit about this song?

Jordan : ” The idea was simple really. I started writing  it while I was living in Thailand. We lived in the dirt with these kids everyday. It wasn’t glamorous what we were doing over there, yet I had all this confirmation from different people and God speaking to me saying I see these kids and I see you.

Real life happens when no ones looking. Anyone who’s got kids will know that too. When you’re up late at night with your kids if they’re sick or not sleeping. Its not what we post on social media, it’s not that glamorous. Jesus came to this world as a baby, he was born in a manger in a stable. He met us right at the grass roots and he meets us in every season and every part of our lives. I just really wanted to put that in a song and remind people that he is with us in the everyday, no matter what we’re going through he sees us.”

Aaron: Lets talk about another one of your songs called Battle Scars. Can you tell us about this song?

Jordan: ” Over the past couple of years, and especially having kids, I just feel like God is opening my awareness to the fact that there is such a spiritual battle going on around us and there’s so much more going on then what we see. I really wanted to capture that in a song but also give a message of hope in the same song.  No matter whats going on, what battles going on around us here, he ultimately in Jesus has won the war. He is our overcomer and there’s nothing he can’t overcome while we’re on this earth cause everything belongs to him.”