Catching up with 'Plumb' on 'The Artist Spotlight' 1
Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown caught up with Plum about her latest album ‘Beautifully Broken’

Catching up with long time Christian artist ‘Plumb’ opend up with Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown about the inspiration for her 8th studio album ‘Beautifully Broken’.

“The whole record is inspired song after song if I broke it down to every single track on the record it stems from some kind of brokenness that God can and is making beautiful. This is the first record that I’ve written out of all my records in my lifetime of making music, that is really unique in that  it’s a living breathing record. It’s not a record in response to some things, it’s an actual record that I’m still living out. 

There is some brokenness in me that God has revealed to me through some experiences that i’ve had over the past few years… I come from a broken marriage my husband and I almost seven years ago broke up and we were getting a divorce and a year and a half later we got remarried all over again. So that’s beautiful! I can go out and show people the hope of reconciliation and restoration. That’s so beautiful to me and that’s what God can do with the broken in your life  whether it’s your addiction, or your past, your scars or your disease. If he can use all of that for something good then let him!”