Catching up with The Afters on 'The Artist Spotlight' 1

We caught up with The After’s to talk about their new album Fear No More

We chose that title [Fear No More] because of the song on the record called ‘I will fear no more’. The song represented us really opening up something that’s been a struggle for a couple of us in the band. Which is fear and anxiety, something I’ve dealt with since I was kid and our drummer Jordan was battling anxiety in a pretty big way for a while and we thought we needed  to be vulnerable and open with this because I feel like there’s strength in sharing our struggles so others can know their not alone. 

When I start talking about anxiety all of sudden I realise there are so many other people that deal with the same thing and it’s so comforting to know that we’re not alone in our struggles and also that God is with us in all of it. In the Bible more than anything it says to not be afraid so I really think that as far as fears and anxiety goes God doesn’t want us to be controlled by those things he wants us to trust Him and to know your lives are in his hands. So we were sitting in the studio and our drummer

 Jordan had just been through a really bad episode of anxiety, he had a baby on the way and he was stressed about life laying awake at night not able to sleep and I told him ‘I know how you feel because I have been there you know, it’s not a fun place to be and ugh it robs your joy, it takes away your joy in living in the moment and really being able to take in all the good things that are happening in your life. So I told him ‘Let’s write a song that’s an anthem for trusting God’.  Not living in fear, not letting these things rob us from the joy God has in our lives so and we wrote ‘Fear No More’ and it came straight from the heart. We decided to title the record that because we feel like it was a step to being more transparent about our struggles and the things we are dealing with in our lives in hopes that other people will talk about theirs too and know they are not alone.