Disney Pixar presents their latest film aimed at children, ‘Coco’. This movie is centred around the character of a Mexican boy named Miguel, who loves music, which is banned by his family. Everything changes on ‘The Day of The Dead’, a Spanish festival where people go and honour the dead and deceased family members. Despite being a living being, Miguel ends up meeting his deceased family and finds himself on a quest to meet his great-great grandfather in the land of the dead.

This is a typical pixar film in terms of it being colourful, bright, funny, and full of music. The reviewer believes that if the film had a different theme/concept, it would be a great movie, however due to the nature of this film revolving around the dead, it has a very heavy spiritual component which is unsettling from a Christian point of view.

Family Friendly Filter:

  • Rated PG (due to mild themes)
  • Younger children may get scared from the skeletons and spirit animals
  • Heavy spiritual content revolving ‘The Day of The Dead’ festival