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Join Rachel Reva for Coffee and Faith, a short devotional which will encourage and inspire.

Rachel Reva is a PR consultant, published author and founder of ‘Life On Her Terms’. She worked in the media industry for 15 years as a news publicist and PR manager. Her career has spanned television, health policy and election campaigns, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is also a contributor for several global outlets including: Huffington Post and Goalcast. When she isn’t writing, coaching or stalking Dolly Parton she is planning her next travel adventure. She lives in Australia with her family. You can hear Rachel‘s coaching inspiration series ‘Coffee and Faith’  every Tuesday on Rhema FM radio.

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I’m reminded of all the ‘crazy faith’ moments God has asked me to do… when I look at how many moments I have listened to God DESPITE my circumstances… Those ‘crazy’ moments have led to the biggest breakthroughs, life shifts, next-level life stuff. Listen to the media. Be aware of what’s happening. But don’t give the media the power to affect your decisions in how you approach life and business this year. Leave that part up to God.

Rachel Reva

PR consultant, published author and founder of ‘Life On Her Terms’., Life On Her Terms