Colleen is a wife to Andrew, a Mother of two young children, and studying theology. The family arrived in Newcastle two years ago, having moved back to Australia from Asia. 

“After living in Asia, I was starved for Christianity. I literally just surfed the channels until I found a Christian station, and I don’t think I’ve changed it since! We love listening to Rhema – it’s the only radio station that we listen to in our home and car.

Rhema FM is not just entertainment. It’s food for my soul…

Colleen 1

It helps me grow, it’s meaningful, it’s helped me in times when I’ve experienced extreme sadness, it helps my children, it helps me start conversations with my children about God, and it helps me parent better.

With children we experience so many different things at school and can get upset. So I can go to Rhema’s website or listen to a program on how to deal with bullying, or how to respond to different emotions. Another program that I love is listening to are the movie reviews! It’s a really great guide. If Rhema says it’s okay, I’ll go, and if not, I won’t. It’s my fall-back.

I just find Rhema helpful on so many levels… entertainment, music, joy. It just adds to people’s lives in a helpful and meaningful way. The radio station provides a sense of community and connects you with your community. Without Rhema, where would we be? We wouldn’t have exposure to our faith and growth.

Having lived in Asia where it is devoid of Christianity and a very lonely place, if you don’t have anywhere to go to hear The Word, you’ll really miss it because its’s not there for you. You become hungry for that Godly help and support that you can get. I find it so beneficial having Rhema FM here on so many levels. When you are going through a hard time, it’s great to have that resource available to you and that place to go.

You have a source, the word coming in – it’s like God is speaking to you directly over the radio waves!”

– Colleen Sommerville