Dan Bremnes Talks About His Journey to Fame On the 'Artist Spotlight' 1


Aaron: Things have really blown up for you recently, tell us a bit about that journey.

Dan: Yeah, it was 2009 when I came up with my first record and I toured for 5 years, then I did some recording in the states and it kinda got shared with the labels. But its sort of been slow rather than quick you know, so that was almost 10 years ago and after I signed with the label I was with, it was a pretty good run until some unexpected things came up in the industry and we had to part ways with the label. It honestly felt like it was the end of my music career, I didn’t think I was ever going to make another record. It was my wife that actually talked me into it, and I’ve actually signed a new deal, just 2 years ago now. Its definitely been a little bit of a roller coaster if I’m being honest. Even the song “Up Again” that you guys are playing, that song is basically about my failing in the music industry and almost quitting, It hasn’t been a smooth ride or a quick jump, a lot of up and downs. A big journey. 

Aaron: I imagine its been pretty intense, since for many christian musicians, it can be seen more as a calling a lot of the time. Like ‘Why God have you given me this passion when its going to be such a difficult path!’. Do you have those moments of doubt or struggle?

Dan: Yeah for sure, I don’t know why we do this but when we have a dream or a vision or a goal, most of us feel like its just going to work. We will get there but most of us get those moments along the journey where we think we have completely derailed. It just feels like we will never get there, I myself really relate to the story of Joseph.


He at a young age had a dream that he would be the king. He saw a vision of his brothers bowing down to him and then the very next day he was sold into slavery and then spent most of his life in prison. And I think that’s just how it is sometimes, we have a dream or a calling, an idea of this amazing stuff that we wanna do. We see the end at the beginning and then everything sort of hits the fan and we sort of ask, ‘Is this still happening? Are we on?’. Like, ‘God where are you?’. In the end we realise, it was more about his timing than ours, more about his story than ours and I now can say that God was in control the whole time.

Aaron: If you could put together a Dream tour of artists, Who would you pick to tour with?

Dan: I’d probably put back together a tour I did 2 years ago! It was with Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North. They were the best guys that I knew.

Aaron: So not all of us know about your faith journey. Would you mind explaining where that began for you?

Dan: I grew up in a pastors home, I guess you could say I was born into evangelical faith. My journey has mostly been, making this faith my own. Someone told me once, the longest journey a christian takes is around 12 inches from their head to their heart, and that’s been my journey for sure.


Taking the stuff I knew in my head and making it real in my heart. I gave myself to Jesus thousands of times in my younger years, nothing changed for me, I wasn’t “that guy” who had that one moment. My journey has been finding God myself, it really started when I was 18 or 19 when I went to Australia and when then the Ywam DTS really started to hit it off for me and made it click. That was the moment I was waiting for, that’s when the true journey began.