We caught up with Sydney based Christian Artist, Emma Mullings, to talk about the heart behind her family move to the U.S., and her latest single ‘Here and Now’!

We’ve been loving playing your music and getting to know you through your music over the last few years. Now a lot has been happening in your world, but can you give us a snapshot of what life currently looks like for you at the moment?

Emma Mullings - Baby bumps, Miami & Music! 1

Well I’m being forced right now to practice what preach, “I always say the flexible aren’t easily snapped!” Basically we were scheduled to move to the U.S. in January, but we have a beautiful, and unexpected (but we are very very happy) baby number 4 on the way. So we are heading off in August and bubs is due in May.

I’ve also just released another single ‘Here and Now’, so it’s all happening!

Yes, it’s exciting times! Has this delay in moving kind of turned your world upside down? Obviously any time there’s news of a baby you have to readjust and recalibrate how you do life?

Yes, that is very true. It’s interesting. The decision to stay another 6 months is pretty hard only because we both resigned from our jobs and we’ve given away most of our stuff. We have our visas approved and they tick away for 2 years and then you renew them, so everything really was ready to go, but medical insurance because I was already pregnant was very complicated to make it happen in America. They keep calling my pregnancy a pre-existing condition!!

But now that we’ve made the decision to stay I’m really enjoying this season. We’ve moved house, we have less stuff and more space, and just more space in my world in general and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the calm before what I guess will be hard work. So I’m really enjoying it in hindsight.

Now you did mention your new single ‘Here and Now’, which we’ve been loving. Can you tell us about this song?

‘Here and Now’ tells a story, and for me I’m all about the lyrics! It tells a story of a journey that very much reflects what my own story was. And that was living a life that was completely broken and somewhat dysfunctional. God [was] just meeting me right here, right now in the middle of my mess. And that’s what He does – we all have access to Him, right here, right now.

No situation is too messy, too complicated, too dysfunctional. But you know what, we have free will and we need to just ask Him. I guess in this song I wanted people to be reminded that God is right here, right now. Hopefully as they hear this song they will shift their problems to the problem solver.

Now Emma we talked a bit about your move to America, what is the purpose behind the move when you do head over in August?

We are actually planting a church in Miami. Gods really given us a heart and vision to plant a church in that area.  It’s been on our heart for many years and we thought ‘it’s now or never’.  So let’s have a go! So yeah we are heading over at the end August/Early September and relocating the family, and starting from scratch building that church. 

We look forward to following that journey. What does this mean for your music? Are you still going to pursue the music thing, or will that be put to the side a bit?

That’s a question I get asked a lot. My plan at the moment (even though I know some people might think it’s a bit naïve) is to continue with the music. The thing with the music is, that was actually God who ignited that in the first place. I never want to take that into my own hands, that whole journey has been really led by God.

I want to make sure that is continually led by God and follow His direction with that. It’s interesting though, because you’d think my husband would say “No no I need your help, we need your focus”, but he’s very much said that music is a big part of what the church will be about, and he wants me to keep going – I’ve got him in my corner cheering me on.



Emma thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us on the Artist Spotlight! We can’t wait to see where God continues to take you and your family!