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Legacy Appeals (Badge) Week

Appeals Week, Sunday, 28th August to Saturday, 3rd September 2022 Hunter Legacy volunteers will be conducting face to face fundraising for the first time since 2019! We will be in […]

Christian Health Professionals Prayer Morning

Macquarie Life Church Corner Macquarie and Wentworth Roads, Cardiff

Are you a Christian health professional in the Hunter region? You are invited to join Christians health professionals from all churches, to come together on Saturday 3rd September to thank and praise God, and pray for each other, our patients and our health care system. At the inaugural event in 2016, we had sixty people […]

‘Signs of the Times’ Seminar

The Grainery Church Mustang Drive, Rutherford

The events and changes taking place in the world, and an increased interest being shown by many Christians regarding end-times, gives a timely opportunity to deliver Bible-based teaching regarding the next major event in the Church's calendar - The Return of the Lord. When John was writing the book of Revelation, Jesus commanded that he should […]