Who is Rhema FM Newcastle?

We are a community Christian radio station broadcasting family values and a message of biblical hope to the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens Region of NSW.

What church are you affiliated with?

Rhema FM is not affiliated with any one church. Our staff and volunteers attend various Christian Churches.

What denomination is Rhema FM Newcastle?

Rhema FM is non-denominational. Our staff all worship at different churches across the Hunter.  Click to read our Articles of Faith.

 What is your purpose?

Our purpose is to connect the listener to the message of Faith, Hope and Life of Jesus Christ. We do this through broadcasting 100% Christian content and music. We are a home mission, with a mission to reach every home.

 How can I get involved?

 There are many ways to be involved. You can volunteer your time with our mail outs, at our annual fundraiser Rhemathon, making phone calls or even as an on-air presenter! Call us now to enquire!

How are you funded?

We are funded by our members, the financial support of donors and business sponsors.

 Where does my donation go?

Your donation helps Rhema FM to keep on broadcasting God’s love to the people of Newcastle, The Hunter and Port Stephens. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and go towards the everyday operational costs of the station.

How much does it cost to run a radio station?

Radio Stations have many costs such as electricity, transmission and equipment costs, various broadcast and government licences, wages, rent and everyday living expenses. Even a small radio can have a hefty yearly bill. Our radio station costs about $900,000. per year, which is considerably low when compared to the costs of operating a commercial radio station.

How can I have my community event promoted on air?

You can submit your community event on our Events Calendar! In order for events to be promoted on-air they must be submitted AT LEAST ten working days before the event.

Please note that community service announcements will not allow events that are for profitable purposes. Rhema FM will edit events accordingly for online and on-air purposes.

Community events or groups cannot have a regular/ ongoing announcement on-air, in order to provide fair access to this service. If you are interested in regular advertising, please look into business sponsorship.

Announcements and Events may not be published or put on-air if they do not comply with the regulations relating to community service announcements.

 How do I submit a job?

Go to our ‘Community tab’ on the main menu and click on ‘submit a job’. You can then enter the appropriate details and it will be edited so that it is suitable for on-air purposes. Rhema FM reserves the right to approve or deny Job entries according to the code in which we abide by.

What is your privacy policy?

Rhema FM respects and honours members, donors and sponsors, their right to have their privacy protected. Please read our full privacy and refund policy to learn more.

What is your Code of Practice?

We must comply with the Community Radio Broadcasting Code of Practice.

The code covers guidelines for all programming including; news and current affairs, Australian music content, Sponsorship and complaint handling. If you would like to know more about the Community Radio Broadcasting code of practice or you would like a copy, learn more at cbaa.org.au.

How is your station Governed?

Rhema FM is governed with an annually elected Board of Directors who ensure that Rhema FM are legally complying with legal code and practices. They are a source of accountability for the station, and consist of members. As a result, this ensures that the station has wisdom and expertise in making important decisions that influence the future of Rhema FM. If you’d like to know more about being a Board member, please contact us!

Why do you need members?

As a Christian community station we are required to have ongoing memberships to show the Government that there is a demand for Christian radio across the Hunter. Membership requires individuals to financially support our organisation on a regular basis in order to show that they value what we do, conveying a willingness to support our cause. Without members, we cannot continue to operate as a community radio station.

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