What to give (or not give) Dad this year for Father’s Day! 1

Aah, September. That one time of the year we make a special deal about our Dads and also that one time of the year millions ask the question “What should we buy Dad for Father’s Day?

It is one of those difficult questions which seems to have so many answers, yet in some ways is a question that cannot be answered. So to help you this Father’s Day we list 5 things that you could get for Dad this year!


1. Socks and underwear

Yes I know it is a running joke for many people, and many consider this to be a present given without thought. But let me say that your Dad can never have too many pairs of socks or jocks!

2. Chocolate  

You can never go past chocolate as a present for any occasion, including Father’s Day. Our advice, however, is not to buy Dad some of those flavoured-filled chocolates like Roses, just keep it simple and he should be sweet (pun intended).

3. Gift Card

This is the next best thing to giving your Dad cash. Now you ask why don’t we just give him cash? Well there are 2 reasons. Firstly cash is a little impersonal and kind of says “oh I didn’t get you a present Dad, so here’s some money from my wallet”… this is especially true if you give Dad a random amount like $21.50, Secondly, and more importantly, even though dad would probably just love the cash to put that in his wallet, all that would happen is the kids will wind up spending it anyway.


What to give (or not give) Dad this year for Father’s Day! 2

4. Tickets

Most Dads would love to receive tickets to a sports event. In reality it probably doesn’t matter too much what the event is, as long as there is a contest and preferably a ball involved then your Dad will enjoy this present.

5. Quiet Time

If you really want to bless dad this Father’s Day maybe the best present you can give him is the one that costs nothing. No, not your love and affection because he should get that every day. What about giving your Dad the gift of silence this year? That’s right just a few moments where he can be by himself and gather his thoughts. It costs you nothing but for Dad it will be priceless.

No matter what you give Dad, he’ll pretend that he loves it anyway – it’s the thought that counts! Do you have other suggestions for a Father’s Day present? If so we would love to hear from you. And all the very best from the team at Rhema FM to all the Dads this year.

This blog was written by Wayne Hindson, a Dad of 5 young kids. Wayne could do with some quiet time this Father’s Day…