Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 1

Newcastle is a vibrant city with loads of blooming beaches and attractions to explore. Don’t waste your day! Instead go on an adventure, travel around, get out and enjoy the city we have been blessed with.


Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 2


Newcastle has beautiful ocean baths that are open to the public. Head down to Merewether’s ocean baths with friends and family to capture the amazing sunrise or sunset. Yes, it is winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up early to see the sunrise or go out when it’s a bit colder to see the sunset! It’s also a great opportunity to snap a photo and share online your adventures. The baths are also great swimming spots if you’re brave to face winters cold water. Merewether ocean baths are a great place for families as at this time in the year a lifeguard is on duty from 8am to 4.30pm.

Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 3


Get outdoors for a day or two and go camping on one of Newcastle’s best beaches. Camping is a great way to spend free time together with friends or family. It is a fun way to socialise and spend quality time with them. Not only are you outside enjoying nature, but you are also saving money on accommodation. Camping provides opportunities to witness and experience nature first hand, to take a break from all the hassles of the city life. Get away from the usual day to day routine and to get involved with something new and exciting. Just make sure that it’s not  an illegal camping area!

Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 4


Grab a group of your favourite people to hang with, plus your favourite snacks and have an eventful picnic. Newcastle provides places all around to stop for a picnic but two of the best spots are Nobby’s Lighthouse and King Edward Park. You could even go and visit one of our beautiful beaches. Don’t forget a  a blanket to lie on, a speaker to play some great vibes (like listening to 99.7 Rhema FM), plus a ball or Frisbee to be active with. The weather has been so amazing so far, don’t miss out!

Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 5


Newcastle has built its own memorial walk, first opened to the public in 2015. It is now open 24-7! The total length of Newcastle Memorial Walk is 450m while the bridge is 160m. The Memorial Bridge is great for a day out with family and friends, to get some exercise, enjoy the view and pay respect to some of Australia’s history.

Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 6


Get out your camera and go searching for Newcastle’s street art! There are so many hidden spots to go and create the perfect Instagram or Facebook picture with friends and family. Share the pictures and the memories you’ve made on your adventures around Newcastle. Check out Honeysuckle, the train station in town and backstreets!

Five things to do in Newcastle, Australia 7

Thanks to our work experience gal, Crystal Jamcotchian for her amazing ideas! Get out and start exploring!