Hanging out with Hannah Kerr 1
Rhema FM Newcastle caught up with new Christian artist on the scene, Hannah Kerr! Thanks for hanging out with us Hannah, for those who don’t know you, can we get a snapshot? 

Absolutely! I grew up in an area called Buffalo New York and my parents were worship leaders and so I was involved in the church from the beginning of my life. I feel very blessed to have a family that loves the Lord and brought me up to love him as well.

Then when I was in Highschool I moved to Nashville Tennasee, which was a bit of a culture shock in the U.S going from the North to South. That was where I started really leading worship and took my relationship with the Lord for myself. I had known about Jesus but really started walking with him in Nashville. I love it here and I am so blessed to do what I get to do here with music.

I understand that it was your freshman year of high school that you moved down to Nashville and in a sense in was kind of the birth of you as an artist, because it was a pretty tough time for you personally.

Absolutely, when I first moved to Nashville I was having a really hard time of finding who I was. Moving across the country and figuring out what God wanted for me was really difficult, but it was great because it really brought me to the Lord and right to his feet. I felt like He called me to music and to worship lead. So as soon as I started leading at my church I really felt like I was doing exactly what God ha d called me to do and walk in his will. Moving was part of his plan all along and I really feel like I’m doing what I’m called to do in this season. I feel really blessed because I love the Lord and I love music, so combining them together has been an incredible journey so far.

Can you tell us the heart behind your first single?

Like I said coming into this whole journey as an artist I really was afraid and taken out of my comfort zone. I had to find my confidence and my voice. So I really felt like ‘I stand here’ was the perfect way for me to say that I’m afraid, but I know that God works really well in our fear, erases that fear and uses us for incredible things for His Glory.

“I’m afraid and I feel like I can’t do this on my own, but I am standing before you and laying down this fear and I am allowing you to use me for whatever you want, I will be here for you to use me.”

This was just my prayer to God….  This song was a declaration and I really wanted to start off on a strong note.

Let’s talk about ‘Radiate’, which you co-wrote with your brother Josh. I was wondering what’s that dynamic like?

I have two brothers – one comes on the road with me and then Josh stays at home producing and writing songs. It’s a lot of fun most of the time but of course as siblings we do fight sometimes. Writing with Josh though was a lot of fun, because when you can combine your passion and gifts with someone you love it is really so special. I brought the idea to him and I played it for him and he was so excited from the beginning. It was a really special afternoon for us to sit down and write that together. I think it turned out pretty good and argument free!


At your heart you’re a worshipper, and I was wondering that as people listen to your album ‘Overflow’, what’s the take away you’d like people to get from it?

The reason why I called my album overflow was because I was praying the whole time that I was making it, that God would fill me up with his love, wisdom and joy so that I could make these songs and pour them out on the people that need to hear them.

More so it was also that when people were listening to the album, that they would say that God can use them too – that He can pour in so that they can pour out onto other people. It’s to remind people that when we feel empty, God will fill us up so that we can overflow with His love and share it with the world!

So amazing Hannah! We’re really excited to see where music continues to take you!

You can listen to the full interview at rhemacatchup.com now!