Rev. Manny Pillay serving at Living Light Maitland Wesleyan Methodist Church, plans to carry a wooden cross through the streets of Rutherford from the 14th-20th of April for up to 10 km per day starting as early as 6am on Easter Friday.

‘Good Friday and Easter is very special to me, as I’m sure it is to Christians around the world. I feel that I need to create awareness, people need to be reminded of the cross. Literally seeing a cross, so therefore I decided to carry the cross around various streets of Rutherford to promote the good news, because the cross is the power

Hunter Pastor taking up his cross in the lead up to Easter 1

of God unto Salvation and I believe if people will just look at the cross it will remind them of Jesus dying on the cross.’

Aware that it is easy to get caught up in the the festivities around Easter and lose sight of the real meaning of Easter, Rev. Manny hopes to bring people’s attention back to the reason we celebrate. This is also a prayer walk for him as he moves through the community he will be praying for the people living there.

Hunter Pastor taking up his cross in the lead up to Easter 2

‘As I walk in the streets, I will be praying for the community, for those with alcohol and drug addiction which is very rife in our area. There are parts of the area that I’ll be walking that are very depressed. Not all of it, but many parts of it. I’m hoping that as I walk and pray for the various people of our community that the community itself will change in time.’

When asked how  physically and spiritually taxing this feat is going to be, Rev. Manny responded:

‘My cross it not so heavy, but it does put some burden on your shoulders and it reminds me, this is nothing compared to what Jesus has done, and I in no way want to be like Jesus carrying the cross because I cannot do what Jesus did, but I do it to remind the people. It’s not an easy thing to do, considering at my age but I’m happy to do it.’

If you would like to reach out to Rev. Manny for prayer, to be a part of the event, or to talk about the cross and Jesus Christ you can contact him on 0249328627.