Interview with Mick Alley from Mission Samburu 1

Recently, Australian Missionary Mick Alley who is a local to Newcastle caught up with Richelle Wenham on Nights to talk about the work of Mission Samburu amongst the Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya.


What is Mission Samburu?

Mission Samburu’s approach is rooted in the empowerment of local communities. Through grassroots initiatives and partnerships with local leaders, they prioritize community-driven solutions tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of the Samburu people.

With a focus on education, healthcare, clean water, and economic empowerment, Mission Samburu seeks to break the cycle of poverty and build a foundation for sustainable progress. By investing in education, healthcare infrastructure, providing access to clean water sources, and supporting income-generating activities, they are creating pathways to a brighter future for generations to come.


Who is Mick Alley?

Mick Alley has been working in Kenya with the Samburu people since 2007, where there has been a mighty work of God to bring many of these people to the knowledge of Christ. Richelle had the exciting honour of interviewing him, and learning all about his experiences, and the work he has done with Mission Samburu.

Mick leads 10 churches, oversees outreaches in 50 villages and coordinates an inter-church Bible school along with leading many other gospel-centred humanitarian initiatives. For more information about Mick and the work he has done, click here, and for updates on the outreach of Mission Samburu, follow their Facebook page.


Following the call some years ago to travel to Kenya to support a friend who was considering mission work, Mick instead became that missionary. The Samburu tribe was an unreached people group. Today he leads a vast team of Kenyans on the ground dedicated to over 12 plant churches, a discipleship and bible training school, literacy education for women, transport and medical help for the sick and sponsorship programs for the most vulnerable; including children, widows and elderly men and building and water bore projects. Listen to how Jesus is reaching the Samburu.

Richelle Wenham

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