Jason Gray on the 'Artist Spotlight' 1

 Jason Gray reveals how music became his companion

My music journey began  when is was younger. I grew up on the road with my mother’s bar band.  She would go and have her show and I would just have a seat at the bar and hangout with whoever was there. I was like 5 years old so I always was around music, I loved music too! I was kinda introverted as a little boy and also had a speech handicap so all those thing kinda drove me inwards so I spent a lot of time by myself and that was when I discovered music as a companion. Even as a little boy I remember in the movie about C.S  Lewis called Shadow

Lands he says ‘we read books to know that we aren’t alone’ and I think that’s why we listen to music too. That’s why I certainly did and it felt as a really interment companion that helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone and so as I grew up I wanted to share my music medicine.