Jason Gray talks about Order, Disorder, Reorder 1

Jason Gray is in the midst of releasing 3 Eps: Order, Disorder, Reorder. We’ll hear how these 3 words have given Jason a new outlook on the chaos of life and the world at the moment.

Tell us why you have decided to release 3 EP series.

Part of the reasoning for releasing 3 Eps instead of one album, was a business decision.

“My record label, you know, as things have moved more towards streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, my record labels sense is that, you know, like if I released 12 songs all at once and there are two or three radio singles on it, those songs get all the attention, all the streams, and then the other ones, you know, kind of fade into the background”.

The record label decided that was in Jason’s best interest to release Eps, so that they could release 5 songs at a time and give those songs more attention. Even though Jason really likes long play records!

“I like the experience of throwing on a 12 song album and just hearing a complete journey from front to back. I love that experience. And so I said, well, how about if we do a full album but we release it in three part. And I had this idea that I wanted to explore order, disorder, reorder. And so I thought that the songs could all be reflections of each of those ideas”.

Tell us about your song ‘I’m Gonna Let It Go’.

“The idea from that song came from my own experience, my own journey of anxiety. That anxiety usually comes when I’m trying to control things and when I’m clinging to things and trying to bend them to my will, you know? And so it’s this image of me with clenched fist, trying to hold tight to these things and make things happen. And peace is when I learn how to unclench the fist and hold things palm up with an open hand. If I can hold things with an open hand, surrendered with trust, that’s peace. When I’m trying to hold on to things and clinging and clench, that is usually anxiety”.

Fun fact: Originally, Jason wanted to call the song ‘Let it go’. But of course the record label didn’t think that was a great idea, for obvious reasons relating to the popular Disney film ‘Fozen’!

Disorder was released essentially the time the world started shutting down due to covid-19. Jason talks about the significance of how we must move through each step of Order, Disorder & Reorder

Whenever I go through something really painful or difficult, my mind would be tempted to go to one of three places.

  1. I would either go to ‘Oh no I must have done something wrong and God is angry with me and He’s punishing me and that’s why this is happening.
  2. Or maybe He doesn’t care about my life, He doesn’t see that I’m struggling here, I’m drowning, you know.
  3. Or maybe He doesn’t exist.

And so that’s the crisis that I would find myself in whenever I’d be in great pain & difficulty. And then I got new language that really helped me understand all that in a new way. It goes like this;

I’m being transformed, when I’m moving from Order to Disorder into Reorder. And that’s just really helped me. Help me to have less anxiety. It helped me to move from when catastrophe would hit. Help me to move from thinking, oh, no, everything’s going wrong. And instead think, oh, well, everything’s falling apart again. That must mean I’m in the middle of disorder, which means I’m about to learn something new that’s going to change my life.

So that was helpful. And order, you know. Wow. We spend so much time and energy trying to create order in our lives. And that’s a good thing. That’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. But the problem with order is that we can fall too in love with it and overvalue it and then try to protect the order that we’ve created against anything that threatens it, including the truth. Jesus Himself.

We’ll cling to our order so tightly, and that can harden our thinking. And then we stop learning anything new. And that’s the problem with too much order as we stop learning anything new. That’s a real problem because we need to learn everything that we can.

But don’t worry, because chaos is always lurking around the corner. And that is the antidote to too much order.

And so chaos comes into the equation and reminds us that we were not as in control as we thought we were and our answers were not as sufficient as we thought they were. And that can be painful and disorienting and turned their world upside down and heartbreaking. But maybe it breaks our hearts open enough that something new can get in. Some new wisdom, some new learning, some new encounter with the Lord.

And that’s the beginning of reorder. You’ve gone through something difficult. And we’ve come out the other side stronger, wiser, kinder than we were before. And that is the gift of Order, Disorder, Reorder, which is as good a language as I’ve ever heard to describe the pattern of transformation.

It’s usually, when I’m going through difficulty, that I’m broken open enough for the Lord to really get in there and move some things around and bring His glory out of me.

‘Glory Days’ – Celebrate today, because today could be tomorrow’s glory day.

“We normally think of the glory days as those days in the past when we were on top, everything was going the way we wanted it to go. Everything was kind of optimal.

But in my journey, it’s been when I’ve gone through the hard times when God got His best work done in my life. I began to notice.

I’m seeing a counsellor. And when I go see my counsellor and I’m having a good day, I’m feeling kind of centred and on top of things. We don’t get a lot of good work done.

But when I’m seeing a counsellor on a day when I’m kind of broken hearted and things are tough. Those are really productive times.

It’s like that with the Lord too. It’s usually, when I’m going through difficulty, that I’m broken open enough for the Lord to really get in there and move some things around and bring His glory out of me.

The hard times have always made me more of who I want to be in those times when I’ve made the greatest leap forward in my development. As a human being. And so what if the hard times, those days when we are busted and broken? But we’re finally open wider than an empty grave.

Maybe these are my glory days, you know? So that was the idea behind that song.

A big thank you to Jason for taking the time to chat with us. God bless!