After making a big move from the country to Newcastle to study at university, Jason found himself feeling isolated and lonely. He had made the brave decision to undertake a uni degree after becoming disillusioned while working at a supermarket for 10 years. “I had a feeling that I could do a lot more, but I just never had the confidence in myself to do anything,” Jason shares. “It was a big step. I had lived in the country all my life.”

However, the transition was far from seamless. Despite securing great Aboriginal education accommodation, Jason grappled with the challenges of university life. “I was a mature age student,” he explains. “There’s not a lot of mature age students at the uni. I didn’t know where I fit in, because the community was very tight when I lived in the country. I didn’t know anyone. I couldn’t find my roots and it was a really tough time.”

In the midst of this loneliness, one evening while at home Jason found solace in an unexpected place—the radio. While flipping through the channels, he stumbled across Rhema. “I started listening to Rhema a lot. There was an ad for Kooris for Christ on Monday nights,” Jason says.

“I didn’t know that people from my Indigenous community were Christians too. It was life-changing.”

“So I listened to Aunty Donna every Monday night for a long time.” Months of tuning in allowed Jason to connect deeply with Aunty Donna’s Miromaa for Life program. It gave him a sense of community and belonging that he’d been desperately seeking. The impact was so profound that Jason decided to write an email expressing his gratitude to Aunty Donna. Much to his surprise, she replied—and extended an invitation for him to visit Rhema’s studio for an interview. That visit to Rhema’s studio changed Jason’s life.

“I was just about to quit uni,” Jason says. “I was going to throw it in, but God sent me a lifeline through Aunty Donna. When I went into Rhema for the interview there were a couple of guys who just got around me and they prayed over me and they said, ‘You know, it would be really good for you to finish uni, because it will help people in our culture.’ The impact of that prayer session cannot be overstated.

“I come from a pretty broken family, and no one in our family has completed any higher education,” Jason shares. “I’m the first person in our family to go to uni. So when they prayed for me, it just cemented in my mind that I need to finish this uni degree—not just for me, but for my family, for my children, for my culture, you know. It was a testimony of what Jesus can do in our lives.” Jason readily admits that God has used Rhema to bring about a remarkable transformation in his life. He has since gone on to complete his Bachelor’s degree. “Life would be a lot different if Rhema wasn’t around,” he reflects.

Jason is encouraged by what he hears on a regular basis. “You hear it all the time, you know. You turn the radio on, you’ve got a struggle and you hear something on Rhema that just speaks to you, and you have that soul food so you can keep going.”


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