In life there are moments you experience that are completely out of your control. Whether that looks like being cut off in traffic, or you spill coffee on yourself before a meeting or you wish you had become an astronaut. Sometimes, you just can’t control the outcome and have to be happy with how things are.

Well we believe there are unique moments that you can influence the outcome of what looks like one of these situations. You can provide a hope more powerful than poverty in a child’s life!

We’d like you to meet Jericho. He’s this incredible three-year-old boy who lives in the outskirts of Lucena City, in the Philippines. Life is full of challenges for Jericho. He is surrounded by the constant reminder of defeat and entrapment.

Jericho’s Story 1
Jericho’s Story 2


We’re partnering with Compassion Australia to help Sponsor a Village! We’re asking our Rhema FM Village to come alongside Jericho’s village and help to see 100 children released from poverty in Jesus’ name!

 We ask that this week you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child, like Jericho, as part of the Rhema FM community, so together we can provide hope more powerful than poverty.

Jericho suffers from malnutrition which makes him look much younger than he is. His family live in a vacant lot with no electricity, water or toilet, in a house they cobbled together from scrap materials. Their future is uncertain: the land owner could evict them at any time. Jericho regularly goes to bed hungry. His mum is sick and his father’s job as a pedicab driver doesn’t provide enough income to meet their needs.

Thankfully, Jericho was recently registered in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program where he’s receiving support for a brighter future.

Jericho’s Story 3