Karen Durand on 'The Artist Spotlight' 1

Chatting with Karen Durand about how the local Church has played a big part in her music


“I began as a musician pointing the way to Jesus then got very involved in the local church as God’s plan for the earth which of course it is. I worked for a lot of years in the worship team in the local church and church planting, but I am returning to music and teaching. When I first began doing music, pointing people to Jesus, I was asked a lot of tough questions that I could not answer. I was young, didn’t have life experience and I didn’t know the word of God that well. So I went to Bible college full time for a year and really studied the word of God to know what the answers were. So during that time, I learned about God’s heart for the church. It’s interesting, the community of Christians on the earth, God has no other plan to reach people than us. So I spent a few years really building and planting the local church. It’s important to God’s heart. He is community in himself, He is three people perfectly together. Unity and love for one another is how He described that people would know that we’re His disciples. It’s interesting that music involves that community. It involves a number of people bringing their gifts together on different instruments to make one beautiful sound and because thats God’s nature, it’s close to God’s heart. That is worked out on earth in marriage, in churches, in groups and communities so it’s a very important thing in that it’s His way.”