KATIE is a beautiful, complex documentary about Irish boxing superstar Katie Taylor. Listen to the Big breakfast & Drive to win free tickets!

KATIE follows champion boxer Katie Taylor as she attempts to rebuild her career after a year of turmoil threatened to derail her career. With many writing her off, Taylor decided to start again, and the notoriously private champion agreed to let a small crew document her attempt to rescale the heights.  Katie Taylor has won six amateur European championships, five world amateur championships and is an Olympic Gold Medal winner from the London 2012 Olympic Games. She turned professional after a disastrous campaign at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which saw her crash out in the first round despite being favourite to win. The film unravels the deeply personal reasons behind the career low and shows the champions grit and determination to start over as a professional.

“Katie Taylor’s quiet charisma ensures you continue watching till the end as you want to learn more about this driven individual. Also, the feel-good factor of watching Taylor overcome the odds, and change women’s boxing for the better leaves you with a big smile on your face, making KATIE a fun and inspirational experience.” —VultureHound

About Katie

Katie Taylor is a unique figure in Irish sport. She’s easily the most decorated and successful female boxer the country has ever produced, a highly respected and dedicated athlete, and yet she is also a deeply shy person who seems to almost actively shun the spotlight. She’s quiet, reserved, rarely gives interviews and when she does, they’re often pretty staid affairs that often end with her citing her religious beliefs and her team. In other words, she seems almost like the last person who would want a documentary crew following her about the place, much less one who would be a suitable candidate for such a thing.

When she first started in the sport, women’s boxing wasn’t even allowed in Ireland, much less part of the Olympics. But Katie Taylor, and her dream to be an Olympic Gold medallist, changed the entire world of women’s boxing. In fact, she was instrumental in getting this sport in to the Olympics, and through diligence, faith and a quiet self belief she continues to make her mark today.

She won gold in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, which was Ireland’s first ever Olympic gold medal. London 2012 the first time that women’s boxing was a part of the Olympic Games, and in fact it was because of this victory that women’s boxing began to enjoy some notoriety.

Now Taylor’s has had an undefeated pro career, which has so far seen the 32-year-old claim the WBA female lightweight title and become the first female boxer to headline a show on Sky Sports.