Kids’ Talks with Colin 1

A very fun, light hearted interview with Colin Buchanan about his new project with Compassion.

What does COVID-19 look like for you?

It has turned everything upside down! It’s a strange season, in that it fires all the way down to the very smallest parts of our lives day-to-day. It’s hard to speak about it without talking about it very personally. For me, it’s been a cancelled tour to the UK & Tasmania and there’s a lot of uncertainty to when I can perform again. Which has a big, immediate financial bearing on my life. I’m blessed in that I have a creative life, which I have times where I’m not being paid anything but I’m creating. You hope that down the track that becomes something that puts food on the table. I thought I would be sitting in my bunker and writing lots of songs working up some projects. But I found that the virtual ‘Zoom’ door knocked and there was Compassion standing at the door saying, “We think it’s a good time to make some videos”. So I’m at home, like everybody else. But suddenly I have this new project that sort of came to me, which was really interesting.

Who is ‘Kids’ Talks With Colin’ for?

It came from wanting to support all the churches that have gone online. It was a very spur of the moment, a flexible and quick idea. One of the things about these talks is that we wanted the bible to be central and wanted the comfort that comes from stating God’s greatness and goodness and His love and singing a tune or two along the way.

When I was a kid, it was always, interestingly, I can’t remember many children workers in church services. I was always the ‘big guy’, the guy who gave the big sermon. He’d give the little children’s talk as well. There was always a sense of gravity to bringing God’s word to kids, even though it might have been done with puppets or with a story or in a simpler sort of way.

These are 5-6 minute videos which aren’t just for churches, but families as well. A chance to sort of learn and sing along. It’s been a wonderful opportunity.

Watch Kids’ Talks With Colin here