Lauren Daigle Talks Australian Tour, Faith, and Making a Difference 1

Lauren Daigle Talks Australian Tour, Faith, and Making a Difference


The Fresh Start team, Aaron and Chloe, had the opportunity to interview the talented and beloved Lauren Daigle about her upcoming tour in Australia, her memorable experiences Down Under, and the impact of her music.


Lauren’s Love For Australia

Lauren Daigle is eagerly anticipating her return to Australia as she brings her Kaleidoscope Tour down under in November. “I am so excited to be coming back. It’s been five years since I’ve been to Sydney. It is one of my all-time favorite places in the world,” she shared. Reminiscing about her last visit, Lauren recounted a poignant moment from her previous trip, “I was standing on the Bandi to Bronte walk, there’s a cliff and etched in the rock was the word ‘home’. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m longing for home. Should I move to Australia?'”

That moment even inspired a song on her last album. “We ended up writing a song called ‘This Girl’ from that moment,” she said.


Kaleidoscope Tour: What to Expect

When asked about what fans can expect from her Kaleidoscope tour, Lauren was enthusiastic. “Oh, it’s a night full of fun. It’s a night full of joy. There are moments to dance a lot, moments to cry if you need to cry. This is probably one of my favorite tours I’ve ever been on,” she said. The tour promises to be a heartfelt experience for fans, with Lauren and her team pouring their passions into every performance.


The Impact of ‘You Say’

Reflecting on the success of her hit song “You Say,” Lauren acknowledged how it transformed her life. “Once that song came out, I really understood the implications of the impact of what a song can do in people’s lives.” Despite initial discomfort with the changes brought by her newfound fame, Lauren found comfort in her faith. “If you keep it about God and if you keep focused on the fact that he can move through a song and impact someone’s life personally, it’s very dear.”


Navigating Faith and Criticism

As a prominent figure in both Christian and mainstream music, Lauren has faced her share of criticism. However, she credits her strong faith and the support of her fans for helping her navigate these challenges. “What I’ve learned of that whole experience, God always talks about how He will vindicate your circumstances and that you don’t need to be the person to stand up for yourself all the time. Like there are times where He will stand in the way for you. And I’ve gotten to experience that”, she said. Lauren also highlighted the toxic culture of social media and emphasized the importance of kindness, sharing her desire to encourage others through her experiences.


The most unique place she’s ever performed

While Lauren has toured the world and played some incredible venues, there’s one very unexpected venue that holds a special place in her heart:

“People say, where’s your favourite place you’ve ever performed? And I’m like, it’s not going to be a place that you think that I’m going to say… prison. It is so wild. The women and the men that I’ve encountered that have this freedom that is so different, but so deep. It’s, deeper than anything that I can even say that I have. And the ability to be free while still being behind bars is amazing.”

“To be able to look at those people and say, you are valuable, you are someone who God knows and He sees, it’s a really beautiful thing. But also to learn from them. I feel like I’ve been able to learn so much from hearing their stories and seeing what needs to change specifically in our country”. This encounter has fueled her advocacy for better childcare and public school systems and foster care.

When asked about her dream venue though, Lauren enthusiastically mentioned the Sydney Opera House. “I would love to perform there. I’ve never even stepped foot inside that place,” she admitted.


Hopes for Her Music

Lauren’s ultimate goal with her music is to make people feel seen and less lonely. “My dream is to eradicate loneliness,” she said passionately. She hopes her songs resonate with listeners, offering them comfort and a sense of connection. “To be able to have someone who can listen to a song and say, ‘I’ve thought that before too,’ and maybe feel a little less lonely, even for a moment, is really important to me.”


A Message to Australian Fans

And her message to her Australian fans?

“I love y’all so much! Thank you for giving me the chance to be able to come. Because the fan base is the reason why I get to come over there and see you guys. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the love. It means the world to me.”


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Written by: Aaron Brown
Co-Host of The Fresh Start with Aaron and Chloe