THE ‘LIFE ON god’s terms’ podcast is out now!

Welcome to the ‘Life On God’s Terms’ podcast, where we share tips, strategies and encouragement about how to create success through a faith lens.

Do you desire to create a successful life career in business, but to do it God‘s way?

The ‘Life On God’s Terms’ podcast is about inspiring every believer to take real action with joy and authenticity.

I’m your host, Rachel Reva, a publicity strategist, author, radio host, and founder of Life On Her Terms Media’.

I have 20 years experience working in PR and marketing and I’m bringing that all to the table just for you – to help you identify your genius zone and share it with the world.

I’ll be joined by my sisters and special guests where we share our imperfect but always real journey as we create the life and business God has called us to, and share practical strategies that will help your business, career and mindset.

We will also go deep in biblical encouragement to keep your spirit in check.

So if you’re ready to go to the next level in your life, business and career, then grab your favourite cup of joy and join us for the ‘Life On God’s terms’ podcast.

We can’t wait to meet you there.



“My team and I worked with Ryan and his team on creating our first podcast, and it has been an incredible experience so far. If you are looking for a studio to create content that is elevated and will take your brand to the next level – look no further. I had the ideas and the message, but they did the rest. I have been blown away at their professionalism and the high quality of the studio, from the idea conception to the recording days to the marketing activation. You are truly getting a full service experience that will take you from having an idea to making it happen and even support promotion across the Rhema channels. I would highly recommend working with Ryan and the Rhema team – there is no way I would have a podcast that is gaining so much traction without Rhema podcast studios!”

Rachel Reva, Founder of ‘Life On Her Terms Media” and “Life On God’s Terms” podcast host