Mike Nawrocki

Lyndsay Walker is a former professional cricketer who now uses his incredible fitness and sports background to raise awareness for mental health and local charities.

Walker and his friend Kaleb will be running 90km around Lake Macquarie and finishing at Lifeline in Islington, this Saturday 1st August 2020.

Walker’s amazing fitness has allowed him and a group of 16 others to participate in many challenges such as; The Newy 100: a 100km run, climbing the Merewether stairs 440 times, riding his bike for 407 km, & more to raise funds and awareness for mental health and local Newcastle charities.

“All of us were 16 of us were kind of touched in different ways with mental health and that roots what really engaged the community. So they feel that they can trust us to talk about their what they’re going through. And I think that’s what it’s all about is connection. Now, if you connect with people, especially if you’re not feeling, you know, happy within yourself. It’s such a powerful tool.

Tell us about your around the lake challenge.

Starting at two o’clock. So I’ve got to set two alarms. And then I’m meeting with Kaleb. Kaleb is a fantastic young man. He did the new 100 last year. He’s 22. He’s turned his life around. He was struggling. So it’s great that I can get him on board and we can publicise that. I’m more an ambassador advocate for mental health. But he’s actually had the journey of really rebuilding his life. And we’ll get out there and get to Newcastle’s lifeline as quick as we can.

Your passion is obviously to promote mental health issues. Why is that? What is driving you with all of this?

Oh, I think, you know, obviously as a sports person, you always got probably drive to get where you wanted to be. That’s speaking more of a, you know, from my journey of life. And I probably lost that before retiring and then coaching. And then I became sort of divorced after I was in my 40s. I was 20 years old. The kid, my kids were 20. So I live life pretty fast there. And all of a sudden I was in this position where “what do I do maybe for the next 40 years, my life?” So rather than, you know, maybe becoming more the bachelor and all that sort of stuff, I decided that giving back to the communities is a very powerful tool. And from that, I did a psychology course. It’s good to get a powerful message out there that if you’re not going so well that you can actually do things to better your life on a daily basis. And I guess even if I’m now what I’m finding, if you if your life’s going pretty well, you’re not that far away from maybe something in your family changing or we’ve gone through covid now. And that’s made a massive impact on society. So we need to keep checking in with ourselves. And I guess that’s where the direction of my life has gone.

Thanks for chatting with us Lyndsay. Best of luck with your run this Saturday & God bless!