Marriage Week 1

Marriage Week is an annual celebration, initiated in Australia in 2007, to reinforce and promote the benefits and importance of marriage.

Marriage Week 2019 is running from 8th – 14th of September and gives a husband and wife and those who are preparing to marry, the opportunity and encouragement to focus on their relationship!

Check out the free marriage resources available below or browse through some date night ideas!

Why Date your Spouse?

Social science clearly suggests that regular date nights result in stronger marriages. The results include:

  • Increased communication, so deepening couple’s understanding of each other so they grow closer together.
  • Date nights help spouses reclaim both their individual identity and their identity as a couple as they escape from routine.
  • Date nights fan the flame of romance, passion and excitement.
  • They ensure fun times together to do the unusual.

Date nights show commitment to the marriage, and are one of the greatest investments a married couple can make at any stage of their married life together.

Date Ideas

  • Go for a walk in the cool of the evening – it doesn’t matter if there is no moon or stars visible you have each other.
  • One evening create your ‘power failure’ turn off all the lights and get out the safety candles or do everything in the dark!
  • Make home-made ice cream together then feed each other.
  • Just enjoy a lazy day together – chilling out.
  • Washing the car together can be fun. This one’s best done when the weather is not cold!
  • Do you have a local street or farmers market nearby, go together – you don’t have to buy anything, you can just talk about what meal you could prepare and enjoy from some of what is on sale.