National Day of Thanks 1

This week, Rhema FM is celebrating everything we are thankful for in the lead up to National Day of Thanks, Saturday the 25th of May. Listen out to hear what our announcers are thankful for and text in on 0435 777 997 to let us know what you are thankful for this  National Day of Thanks!

Ambassador Colin Buchanan

‘There’s something about being thankful.  It’s got the oxygen of goodness about it.  It crosses the barriers of age and race, gender and culture.  It has built-in humility, the taste of grace, at least a pinch – sometimes an avalanche – of celebration.  Thankfulness takes a refreshing eye off the self and commends the other.  

That’s why I’m adding my voice – just another little splash – to the National Day Of Thanks.  Together, we can recognise and appreciate what we have, honour the contribution of those who give and serve and sacrifice, take a special opportunity as a nation to offer a simple and heartfelt “Thank You”.’

Thankfulness Resources

Thankfulness is something we can be teaching out kids from a young age and also working on in ourselves as well. Here’s some tips and tricks to encourage thankfullness in your family.