Nights with Richelle

Nights with Richelle

Nights on Rhema 99.7 is the show that uses God’s Word as the light for our path for living Jesus way in this dark world. Join Richelle for great worship, scripture, bible teaching programs and thought-provoking conversation.

Listen in early to catch the Kids News and Adventures in Odyssey before we delve deeper into asking the harder questions, sharing stories and seeking answers through the Bible. Nights is about living life from the Christian world view and inspiring you to grow in your faith.

Be uplifted with music on Hymns or Praise, Cream of Christian Country, Our Indigenous programme Mirroma for Life and challenge yourself with our Big 4 Bible Teachers (Turning Point, Insight, Intouch and A New Beginning).

Tune in from 6-11pm weekdays with Richelle, for replenishment from weariness, spiritual encouragement and company in the lonely moments.

About Richelle

Richelle grew up on a beef cattle farm just outside Taree, NSW. Her family attended a local Baptist Church and so she grew up with Christian teaching in her home. After completing her Bachelor in Communications at University Richelle felt led to a career in not for profit work and spent several years working for the Church Missionary Society before beginning her radio broadcasting career for Vision Christian Media (Rhema’s current Christian News Outlet). She has since dabbled in script writing, audio production and co-hosted Breakfast and Afternoon Christian Radio Shows before becoming a mum and relocating back to Newcastle in 2017 while her husband returned to study. Richelle has been in and out behind the scenes and on air at Rhema since then, and has recently returned to Host Nights, 5 days a week.

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Do you have a great testimony, a God moment, a prayer request or an interview idea for Richelle to include in Nights? She’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below to send her a message.