Rhema FM Newcastle has had the privilege in watching many of our sponsors experience success! At Rhema FM Newcastle we work hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the service we offer every step of the way.

Rhema FM continues to exceed my expectations. After spending years advertising with a commercial station, we thought we would give Rhema a go. We are consistently being told by our customers that they heard our ad on Rhema. It seemed we had gained a sizable amount of new and very loyal customers for a very small investment. It is with great pleasure I would highly recommend Rhema FM to any business looking to get the biggest bang for their buck. Rhema FM advertising is extremely affordable, highly effective and offers your business an exclusive opportunity to tell your business’s story to local and loyal listeners.

Docs Mega Save Chemist

“We have been blessed here at our café not only by increased sales but also by the joy of meeting new people who check us out after hearing our sponsorship spots [on your station]. The spots stand out and grab the attention of the listeners that they are highly entertained by. We believe they are very creative and I know our customers do too. We even have a Bridal shower booked in next month after the bride-to-be heard the ‘Wedding” spot’ on Rhema”

Marks Point Puzzles and Games Cafe

“It takes time for the message to settle in [for listeners to notice you on air]. Then the leads started to flow, then we had a quiet spell, the anxiety levels began to rise… but then the leads again began to flow again on a very steady basis, and I’m now flat out, I’m currently taking in all of the work I can handle.”

James Massey - Grace Loans