Piggott’s Pharmacy: The Story of 50 Years of Caring 1

Piggott’s Pharmacy will be giving away $50 every day for 50 days in every store throughout October and November, as we celebrate 50 years of serving Newcastle with personal service and care.

The first Piggott’s Pharmacy was purchased in November 1970 at Orchardtown Road, Blackbutt. Chris and Shirley Piggott met in Sydney University whilst studying Pharmacy, they got married, enjoyed a working/travel honeymoon and moved to Newcastle to start their new business.

At the time, Shirley was three weeks away from delivering the couple’s first child, a daughter, Petrina “Maddi”. The Piggott family lived in an apartment above the Pharmacy for three years with Chris and Shirley alternating Pharmacist, management, accounting and parenting roles.

Chris and Shirley now have 4 children; Petrina “Maddi” almost 50, Andrew 48, Anthony 40 and Skye 38 plus nine grandchildren. Nobody would have foretold that 3 of them would later follow in their parent’s footsteps and became Pharmacists. The one son who instead studied Surveying, later fell in love and married an Austrian Pharmacist! So, Pharmacy certainly does run rich in their veins.

Piggott’s Pharmacy will be giving away $50 every day for 50 days in every store throughout October and November, as we celebrate 50 years of serving Newcastle with personal service and care.


Piggott’s Pharmacy: The Story of 50 Years of Caring 1
Piggott’s Pharmacy: The Story of 50 Years of Caring 3

In 1979, with the opening of Charlestown Square was an opportunity that allowed Piggott’s Pharmacy to expand to open a Soul Pattinson Pharmacy which became one of the busier Pharmacies in the Hunter Region. This Pharmacy was revolutionary at the time, as well as providing all Pharmacy needs, a photo lab, Juvena beauty products and of course the much loved “Homypeds” and “masseur sandals” were a staple part of business. Chris was a big personality and became well known as a genuine, knowledgeable and caring Pharmacist with regular radio and TV appearances.

Having two Pharmacies allowed combined buying to benefit both and also training and developing team members. Some 32 staff are employed between both shops.

Chris had sporting, church and Rotary involvements alongside his Pharmacy interests that culminated in his being President of the Newcastle & Hunter Valley Pharmacists Association. Chris also had all his Pharmacists trained in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicines to lead in the thirst for knowledge that the public require to stay healthy.

Small business is important to local communities – that is where you know your local retailers by name, and they know you. It is the human side that contrasts so vividly against big, impersonal businesses. Nowhere did you see that personal touch better than at Blackbutt and to hear Chris crack a joke or read poems with the locals he loves.

Chris Piggott’s Soul Pattinson Pharmacy was in the family until the mid-1990’s when Chris made the decision to “cut back a little”

Anthony is the second son and third child of the Piggott’s and grew up around his family Pharmacies. After finishing his studies in Sydney, he was in London working at Croydon University Hospital in South London, doing first-in-human drug trials, before working in Airlie Beach for a successful Queensland Pharmacist. Anthony returned to Newcastle as his father was preparing to sell his original Pharmacy at Blackbutt.

In 2009 when the youngest children, Skye and Anthony, took over the family business. The original Pharmacy at Blackbutt has seen considerable growth since. Its initial consistent growth also involved adding a small medical centre to the former upstairs living area, but in 2013 the Pharmacy was extended, and the medical centre expanded and renovated completely.

Anthony Piggott, with support from his father and family is now the driving force, quickly expanding in Hamilton, Hamilton South, Branxton, Lambton and the newest edition, Piggott’s Pharmacy Huntlee. This expansion has not only been with assistance from his father but also with the help of his brother, and wife Sandra, and great Community Pharmacists Lee Grundy, Brett Plumb and now Jo Jennings as business partners.

Anthony is very active in the Local Community and the Pharmacy Community alike. He is well entrenched in providing traditional Pharmacy values, genuine care, and quality service and advice. When you go to a Piggott’s Pharmacy you will feel a warm welcome from staff who love their job. We invite you and your family to visit us or call us should you need any trusted health advice.

Piggott’s Pharmacy has been serving the Newcastle and Hunter Community for 50 years with personal service and care. Piggott’s Pharmacy is not a generic brand, we are a local family Pharmacy caring for your family and community.

Piggott’s Pharmacy have engaging and happy staff members, who value each and every customer. Caring service is what we strive to provide, with a smile. You are welcome to challenge our claim by visiting any Piggott’s Pharmacy – When you experience the difference, you will be glad you did!

Piggott’s Pharmacy staff have always enjoyed being apart, of the Piggott Family. These values are reflected in their delivering happy and caring service to their customers.

The family continue to honour the traits of business drilled into them by their father. The Pharmacies regularly support a wide range of causes and community groups including making significant contributions to not-for-profit organisations.

POP into any Piggott’s Pharmacy to Celebrate with us and you could WIN a $50 voucher!