Animated feature film inspired by the Playmobil brand toys.

The film follows a girl named Marla who tries to save her brother from a Playmobil world the two are sucked into, and becomes involved in the midst of a population-capturing scheme by Emperor Maximus.

Family Friendly Filter

  • Rated PG for action & peril

Rhema 99.7’s Corey was apprehensive at first about the movie. He would describe the movie as Age of Empires (a 90s game) meets Disney, meets 007! Kids will think it’s a very fun film.  However, adults might not find it as entertaining. There’s also a message of family; siblings loving one another, even if they do fight with each other. Wayne Hindson’s children also saw the movie. They said they enjoyed it but they wouldn’t rave about it.

Corey rates the movie a 5/10, it just wasn’t a knock out film.