As John finished up his time leading Rhema, we asked him to share with us some of Rhema’s journey over the years.

Episode 1 – Beginnings.

In this video he takes us down memory lane to the spark that started it all and all the effort behind that very first broadcast.

Episode 2 – Full Time License. 

In this video, John recounts the long 14 year journey Rhema took to finally gain its full time license.

Episode 3 – Studios

In this video John talks about Rhema’s original studio and the trust they had in God to provide a second studio.

Episode 4 – Rhema’s Impact

In this video John talks about Rhema’s involvement in the community throughout the last 30 years.

Episode 5 – Changing Lives

In this video John shares a powerful testimony of how God worked through Rhema, to change one man’s life forever!