A Daily Dose Of Positivity


“I started listening to Rhema because I try and surround myself with things that are going to uplift me. I want to be able to begin my day by feeding myself with good things. 

Everything I hear and listen to on Rhema is good for me.  I just love the songs. I’ve also been very impacted by listening to Dr Youssef every morning. Since I started listening to him, I’ve been impacted to be more disciplined in my commitment to God everyday. I felt that it helped me in my personal walk every day, just to wake up in the morning and hear the word. 

I love the afternoon program too, they just make me laugh! All the things they share fill my journey home with fun and I’m sure that they’re blessing other people as much as I am being blessed. It really makes my afternoon. 

…it’s always encouraging. 

I value the variety of things that I can get out of the different types of music, different types of speakers, different hosts in different hours of the day on Rhema.  It’s really well done, and it covers a lot of areas that people are going through, in their life. So, for me, personally, it’s just been something that I like to have in the background, all the time, in the car and at home, because it’s always encouraging. 

Whenever I’ve heard that Rhema has a financial need for a particular reason I’ve been challenged to give because I realised that the little bit that I can give, will give back to others. In that moment I feel in my heart, ‘Yeah I’ve got to do this’. I really feel that through what God gives me every day and every week, that little bit I give back can serve others. Rhema does an amazing job, and it’s so important that people listen.”



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