Q&A with Jordan Feliz 1

Rhema FM Newcastle’s Wayne Hindson caught up with Jordan Feliz in Ohio to discuss all things music and about faith!

What was the kind of music you grew up with and were your musical influences?

I grew up listening to a lot of ‘old pop soul’ (is how I’d describe it),’ Earth, Wind and Fire’, ‘Sam Cook’, ‘Tower of Power’, ‘Out Green’ and that whole vibe. Anytime we had the radio on though it was always KLove or the local Christian radio station, Kay Dove. I grew up listening to a lot of Christian music but then also a lot of ‘pop soul’ stuff, so when I started creating music it became more natural to me. When I started diving into being a solo artist, I guess that’s what came out – a ‘pop soul’ Christian sort of style.

Let’s talk about your first single ‘River’. What’s that song all about?

I honestly thought that people would hate it but I loved it! I play this song every night and it still bogles me that so many people have come to love that song so much. Honestly it just comes down to the truth, at least that’s what I pray it’s about. The song is about the verse John 7:38,” that whoever may believe in me, they may have rivers of living water flow out of them”.

Really that verse is talking about the holy spirit and what the living waters really are. The only reason we have this is because Jesus made that sacrifice for us, and it gives us the true freedom to speak with God, to pray a with Him, and to experience God with God every day! I think there is something so exciting about it. I hope that’s the reason so many people love it!

And what about ‘Never too far gone’? What’s the heart behind that song?

The heart behind the song “Never Too Far Gone” is that even though we can say everything under the sun about how what we are going through is all gods fault we can run right back to him.

Let’s talk about your faith journey. When did faith become a personal thing for you?

I have grown up in a Christian household and the church since I can remember. I gave my life to the Lord at 11, but I don’t really think that’s when my relationship with the Lord began, that was that day when I said a prayer with my parents and accepted Jesus into my heart.

In junior year at school I was really loving science, and they don’t really teach you about the bible in science! They teach you about evolution and Darwin’s Theory and stuff.

I really started to think theoretically ‘that makes sense’ but the bible teaches the truth, and I kind of when through a time of thinking ‘what do I believe?’ My parents reacted really well with it though, they told me that we believe in Jesus in this house and they challenged me to dive deeper into the Gospel and to choose what I believe in.

I did, I dove deeper into my bible, reading the story of Jesus and even the scientific facts of Noah’s ark. I feel like doing that grew my faith and since then I have been on fire for it!

 Thanks for meeting up with us Jordan! For the full interview, listen here!