Q&A With Micah Tyler 1

Rhema FM Newcastle’s Wayne Hindson caught up with Micah Tyler after the release of his EP! 

Let’s go back the early days and where the influence of music came from you!

M – Neither one of my parents are musicians. Neither one of them sing or play instruments, but we constantly had music in our house. They just loved music. I remember from a very young age my Dad had a big stereo with big speakers in our kitchen. When my Mother was cleaning there would be music going, or when we were getting ready for dinner, constantly music was playing. They introduced me to all different things, and my parents had different tastes in music too…. the kind of music that I’m putting out today is this weird mixture of music that I grew up with.

 ‘Never Be A Moment’ is your debut. Can you tell us the story behind this particular song?

When I was a ‘junior’ in high school (grade 11), I was called to Ministry. I had a youth pastor that impacted my life in an incredible way, and so I got called into youth ministry and became a youth pastor right after high school. So at 18 I took up a position at a small little church, got married at 20 to my high school sweet heart and we started a family. I didn’t even start playing guitar until I was 20 – like I said we weren’t a musical family, I’m a first generation musician. So I started playing guitar because I wanted someone to sing some worship songs before I would preach to the youth group. I started strumming around trying to figure some things out, not knowing that at 27 the Lord was going to call me into this full-time. And it wasn’t because we had connections in the music industry. We didn’t know anyone like MercyMe or any other artists that I’ve been able to travel with lately.

We just felt like this was what faithfulness looked like – so we ended up selling over half of what we owned, we bought a single wide mobile home trailer and put it on some borrowed land.

I started doing some odd jobs which included substitute teaching at an elementary school and I was also a sausage delivery truck driver (which happens to be a real job! How do you get your sausages? It would be from guys like me!). So I did that and travelled a little bit playing guitar and singing songs. Little did I know that 7 years later I’d be in writing room writing for a brand new record.

So when we wrote the first song from this EP, all I could think of was how faithful the Lord had been to my family in the midst of sacrifice, stepping out, and trusting him. Every turn he was just chasing and everything He had ever asked us to do was just this incredible, powerful, faithfulness. So for us, this song just poured out so quickly. Little did I know that this was going to be abjournal entry type song, or that it was the first song that people were going to get to know me by. This song is just a testimony of how the Lord has just continually chased us with every step that we take.

He has chased us with his love and goodness. He has been such a trustworthy and loving Dad to us.

Thanks for catching up with us Tyler! To listen to the interview, go to rhemacatchup.com.