Aaron Brown had a chat with Joth (Jonathan) Hunt from Planetshakers about their latest EP, his journey and what life is like on the road!

Congrats to Planetshakers with everything you’ve been doing over time. You’ve got a new EP out called momentum ‘Live in Manila’. Tell us a bit about this EP.

We are really blessed at Planetshakers and get to travel around. One of our favourite places to visit is the Phillipines in the city of Manila. One of the reasons for that is that they are so passionate – and they sing SO loud, which is awesome when you’re doing a worship night! We recorded it live over each night with 15,000 people each night and captured an amazing experience.

Tell us a bit about your journey with Planetshakers. How did you get involved?

I actually attended a Planetshakers conference in Adelaide when I was 14 years old. We travelled over on a bus with my youth group and it was just amazing. I looked at these guys on stage and thought that ‘man I’d love to do that one day.’ They were my heroes and I used to dream about being part of a band like that and writing songs. I really just kept my focus on serving church and serving God. One thing led to another and Planetshakers started up a church in Melbourne and I got connected with some of the guys just through friendships. I ended up doing my first ever Planetshakers tour when I was in Year 12 in school, back in 2004. I guess I kept growing and getting better at what I do, and it was just amazing to see Gods favour on the whole journey.

What was your first song on a Planetshakers Album?

There were two songs, one was called ‘Boom’ and the other called ‘My life is yours’ on the album of ‘Saviour of the World’. It was just surreal. The whole reason I wrote the songs was because I wanted people to have a great encounter with God. Seeing people praise God to those songs was just one of the most rewarding experiences.

Now Joth, I imagine that when people hear about what you get to do with Planetshakers, like travelling the world and performing at these packed out arenas, it’s all pretty amazing and exciting, but what’s the flip side? I think that a lot of people over glamorise that life.

You’re absolutely right. Some people to glamorise it, but it’s so not glamourous. You’re getting up and going to the airport at 4am in the morning! It’s also hard work and very physically demanding when you’re on tour.

“The rewarding thing is seeing people encounter God, and that’s what keeps you going.”

For us the more we do, the more Cities we go to and the planes we catch – the more lives that can be changed. Even though the hard times are there, we really focus on why we are doing it.

How much time do you spend overseas verses getting to be at home?

Well the Planetshakers team is interchangeable, so there are different people on different trips. But generally the team tours for three months of the year spread out. For me personally it’s probably only about two months on those trips. We’d go for two weeks at a time and then we’d be back for a month. I’m back home more than I’m away which is nice. But it’s still a challenge to balance everything.

Thanks for hanging out with us Joth!  To listen to the full interview, click to go to Rhema Catchup!