Rhema FM Has a New Look! 1
After 26 years Rhema FM has changed it’s logo significantly.

It’s been a long time in the works but it’s finally happened and we love it! With our new location and a new era of Rhema FM’s vision with our plan to continue broadening our horizons into genre specific digital radio channels it was time we got a new look.

Last time Rhema FM changed our logo was in 1993. Since 1985 when Rhema FM was first established, there has only ever been 4 changes or modifications to our logo. In 2019 it was decided that we needed a logo that was more relative and in touch with today and our community. And so after more than six months of work our new logo was finally decided upon. What may appear to be a starburst in our logo is actually signifying or representing Rhema FM’s Broadcast signal reaching far and wide in all directions. We hope you like it as much as we love it here at Rhema FM.”

-John Marks CEO Rhema FM

Below are some of the logo designs we’ve had in the past that you may recognise from Rhema FM’s 34 years of broadcasting!