Ross Piper, CEO of Christian Super 1


How do we navigate the financial path that it looking very different for a lot of people then they expected?

God is sovereign

I think that it’s a fairly unprecedented set of circumstances that Australians find themselves in as a result of this corona virus. We are also seeing the economic, the social even the political impact continue to escalate as this thing progresses. I think that presents a number of challenges for folks who have either lost their jobs or are facing social challenges within their families or something similar to that. As a community of faith, the one thing we have that’s so important right now is a confidence that God is still sovereign in the midst of all these things. Whilst there are real immediate things that people may have with their own finances. Certainly different reminding ourselves to remain calm, that God is present and that God is sovereign through this is important.

Long Term Investment

The second thing I’d say is if we think more practically about our money and in our case obviously superannuation. Lots of Aussies would have seen their super balances take a hit through this as markets continue to be pretty volatile. We anticipate that volatility will continue for some time. That is to be expected in a situation like this but it’s also really important to try and retain a long term perspective where possible and particularly in superannuation, recognising that superannuation a long term investment. Funds like ours, we’ve got robust, highly diverse investment portfolios that are designed to deliver long term investment targets and objectives, irrespective of market cycles that will change.

Whilst this is heavy and it’s tough right now, our real encouragement would be for people to try and keep a long term perspective where it’s possible.


The other point I’d make briefly and people would have seen the recent announcements from government about some changes with superannuation, certainly Aussies who meet certain hardship criteria, now have an option to access some of their superannuation early. That’s a good thing, if people really need it. But again our council would be ‘it should really be an option of last resort’ because leaving your money in super and trying to build your money in super over the long term is wise.

Giving to charities 

Ross Piper, CEO of Christian Super 2

The final point I’d make in regards to organisations that will find it tough, like charities. Everyone will be under financial stress through this. I think for us, the role for people of faith, is to respond with compassion and generosity, at a time where fear and uncertainty is pretty prevalent all around us. That might be financially, if we have the means to do that. But if we don’t have the means to do that. Or if that situation has changed, there’s still lots of ways we can be loving and serving for people around us in the places we work or the communities that we live in.

A special thanks to Ross for taking the time to chat with us. God bless!