The night I became a Christian listening to Rhema 1

Ranga (pronounced Rang-ah) is the youngest of 8 children, born in Zimbabwe. At the age of 15, her Mother passed away and she moved in with her eldest Brother and his family. In 2001 he paid for his daughter and youngest sister, only 7 months a part in age to study in Newcastle, Australia.

Ranga became a Christian on the 6th of June 2002, listening to Rhema FM Newcastle.


“The reason why I started listening to Rhema was because of a good friend I had made in Newcastle who was also from Zimbabwe.

She was so different. I never knew why.

I didn’t come from a religious family; as a matter of fact, my family was anti religion or anything religiously formal. I used to sneak out and visit church with my best friend who was Catholic when I wanted to see her.

But this friend I made in Australia was so different and I was attracted to that. A lot of the other students who I knew from Zimbabwe came across snobbish. But she wasn’t like everyone else, she was different but I didn’t know why and I thought ‘Hmm I really like you.’

Of course I soon discovered that what made her different was Christ.  A few times she invited me over to church, and I thought “Yeah why not, I’ll come along.”

 They would listen to Rhema FM.

In the car when she’d come and pick me up for church it would be on, and so I asked her what radio station it was!

“99.7 Rhema FM!”

I asked her how I could get onto it and so I just started listening to Rhema all the time. I really liked it. I just tuned my radio to it – I wouldn’t even know any other radio stations in Newcastle… Just Rhema.

Obviously God was at work because I was so attracted to the radio station. I loved the music – back then I just remember thinking that ‘whatever this is, I love it!’

I was hungry for Christ!

When you find something that smells good and tastes good you just want to know what it is.

So this particular night when I got saved, I was listening to either Chuck Swindoll or Charles Stanley. I was in my room and it was around 8pm. I was just listening to this teaching, and at the end he said that if you’d like to know Christ, say this prayer. So I thought ‘yeah I’ll say this prayer.’

I said this prayer, and I tell you – seriously, my world changed. Literally. I thought oh my goodness what is this? What just happened? All of a sudden my world just went so quiet. I  distinctly remember feeling the peace.

I felt amazing, and my room was so serene. I didn’t know what happened, so I called my best friend because she went to church and I told her that I said the prayer.

‘Oh my gosh, you’ve been born again! That’s what just happened!’

I was in the area for another 7 months and left Newcastle – and I’ve loved Rhema FM ever since. I’ve been telling people about Rhema FM Newcastle in my Salvation story for the past 15 years and up until this point the radio station has never even known! Now almost all of my family and extended family members are saved!


The night I became a Christian listening to Rhema 2

This all happened at a time in my life when I just wanted to venture into whatever I felt like.

But by the grace of God He captured my heart so that He could release me.

I am just so grateful to Rhema FM Newcastle, and it’s amazing that I’ve been able to share my story with Rhema 15 years later.”

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