Sam 1

Sam is a wedding photographer, who spends a lot of time in his car travelling to weddings and listening to Rhema. He’s also newly married  to Anna and loving it!

“I remember putting Rhema on to relax me when I was going through a really fearful & dark time. It wasn’t actually a dark time “in the world”, or outside of church. In fact, I was more involved in a local church, religion and studying scripture than I had been in the past. But to be honest I was having fears about God, His character and what He is like.

It got to the point where I would avoid even reading the Bible, because I felt like I was not good enough for God. However, I felt really safe to turn Rhema on in my car, and that honestly kept me feeling hopeful that there is more to understand & experience of God, and maybe the conclusions that I had made and things i’d picked up along the way about God weren’t accurate. Maybe God actually is totally love & totally good.

At the time I kept getting this message, that I was ‘the righteousness of God in Christ’. I remember the ‘Word For Today’ with Bob Gass was really helpful, reminding me that I am a child of God, and it’s not something that I earnt, it was simply who I am. Jesus has done all the work for me. Full stop. These daily devotionals would tell me who I am, not who I’m not. It wasn’t always about God being so holy & estrange, and me being so ‘low and bad’, but that God is amazing, and he loved every human being so much that He thought we were worth dying for, which actually puts a worth & value onto us as well. It kept me in a place where I could listen and stay connected while I was working through some fears and wrong beliefs that I had bought into. 

I can say today that I have let go of this unhealthy fear of God, and having Rhema there at that time was a huge stepping stone that kept me at a place where I was willing to continue to study, look deeper, helping me to remember that God was good and loving, even though I didn’t fully know that yet in my heart. I support Rhema because it’s aim is to bring a message hope. I can meditate on the positive truths that are shared because the spirit of the radio is to build us up and be an encouragement, helping everyone get the most out of life. Rhema doesn’t beat people up, they remind people who they are in God’s eyes. I’m really proud of Rhema and what they do.”

– Sam Colthorpe