Operation Renewal 1
  • OPERATION RENEWAL – 511 / 4000 NEW MEMBERS SO FAR 12.78% 12.78%

Time is running out! Help Rhema FM apply for our 5 yearly broadcast licence renewal.
We’ve been working hard behind the scenes… but now we need you!

‘Operation Renewal’ Sep 1st – Oct 31st is your opportunity to support Rhema FM’s licence application by
becoming a member. The number of financial members is the main criteria the Australian Communication and Media Authority use to assess the community involvement we have so we want to ask you to
help us ‘show our strength in numbers’ by becoming a member. We’re believing to
increase the number of members by 4000 to show the ACMA we have strong
support from the community!

We know that our listeners are diverse, from all different backgrounds, in different
stages of life and each with unique circumstances, so we now have a new range of
membership options below and members get access to special ‘Member Benefits’ as well as voting
rights at our AGM.